Castleton Piano Service

by Jon Porter

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Castleton Piano Service is dedicated to providing you the following services:

  • Professional Tuning and Pitch Raises
  • Professional Repair and Regulation
  • New Keytop Installation
  • Major and Minor Cabinet Repairs
  • Cleaning of Interior and Exterior Piano Surfaces
  • Appraisal for Resale and Insurance Purposes
  • Advice on Local and Long Distance Moving
  • Prompt and Curtious Service

Have you ever found yourself asking......

How often does my piano need tuned?

Where, in my room, is the best location for my piano?

How do the changes in temperature and humidity affect the tuning of my piano?

If you've found yourself asking these, or any similar questions, feel free to call me for professional answers!

Allow me to provide you professional piano service so you may express yourself
in unlimited musical heighths!

Castleton Piano Service

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